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Plantar Fasciitis ~ is there help?

Plantar Fasciitis ~ what is it and is there relief?

Plantar fasciitis develops from overuse and stress on the fascia on the sole of the feet. This results in tissue fatigue and degeneration of collagen leading to micro-tearing in the fascial band and its attachment at the heel. Although the symptoms may first appear only in the heel, the condition affects far more than just the heel of the foot.

Did you know that reflexology can help? I've got great can! I use a combination of reflexology and essential oil (with consent) on my clients and it usually only takes a few reflexology sessions to give my clients the relief they've been wanting and needing (however, each client is different so each result will be different). Along with the reflexology, I use Marjoram essential oil to help with pain. After these 3 initial sessions, I suggest maintenance every 4-8 weeks.

Find a reputable reflexologist and get good, quality essential oils. (Many reflexologists don't use essential oils and I don't need to either, I've just found the reflexology and essential oils compliment each other very nicely)

I'd be happy to help you.

Contact me if you are wanting to set up your reflexology session or would like more information on essential oils.

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