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Wellness Program's

Getting reflexology on a regular basis is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. This Reflexology Monthly Wellness Program is easy and affordable. For just one low price of $48 each month, you’ll enjoy your choice of a One Hour Reflexology Session or you can split them up to two Half-Hour Reflexology Sessions (that's a 20% difference). Enjoy additional services throughout the month at your low member rates including gift certificate purchases for family and friends. 

This Program is flexible even if you are not...

Monthly Wellness Session

   * Get one 60-minute Wellness Reflexology Session or split it into two 30-minute Reflexology Sessions.

Sessions Accrue

   * Has life become super busy? Monthly sessions can accrue and may be used later provided you remain an active


Session Discounts

   * Enjoy additional reflexology sessions at your discounted member rate.  

Reflexology Monthly Wellness Program

Join fee of $25 is currently being waved.

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